Your tool to designing, documenting, auditing and improving your service management practices, processes and policies.

FoxPRISM™ is a fully interactive process design tool that helps our clients with the development, implementation and management of Service Management processes.
It delivers a detailed knowledge base for IT users to acquire and follow key policy and processes (to level 4 procedures) to drive efficiency and productivity to the business.

FoxPRISM also includes self-assessments of IT Service Management maturity levels and ISO/IEC 20000 compliance.

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This Demo version of includes full content for Relationship Management, Availability Management, Knowledge Management and Incident Management (and all menu-items that highlight with the mouse!)

Fox IT’s Wallchart on a page shows the entire framework ecosystem.  Click on the image to see it in full and to download it for printing.
FoxPRISM v8.0b
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